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New Constitutional Court head, members named
Amman, Oct 6 (Petra) -- A royal decree on Saturday named a president and eights members of the newly-established constitutional court, a key milestone in the country's reform process.

The decree, citing article 5 of the constitutional court's law of 2012, ordered the appointment of Taher Hikmat as President of the court and the following as members: Mr. Marwan Doudin, Mr. Fahed Al Nsour, Mr. Ahmad Tbeishat, Dr. Kamel Al Saeed, Mr. Fouad Sweidan, Mr. Yousef Hmoud, Dr. Abdul Qader Toura and Mr. Mohammad Ghazawi.

The court's chief and members took the oath before His Majesty King Abdullah II in a ceremony held at Raghadan Palace attended by Prime Minister Fayez Tarawneh, Senate President Taher Masri, Judicial Council President Hisham Tal, Royal Court Chief Riyad Abu Karaki, Director of the King's Office Imad Fakhouri and Justice Minister Khalifah Al Suleiman.

Royal decrees earlier accepted the resignations of Hikmat as president of the Board of Trustees of the National Centre for Human Rights, Doudin as senator and Al Saeed as Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs and Legislation.

In a letter to the court's president and members, King Abdullah wrote that he is proud of them and "our dear homeland on this day of achievement and the march of development, modernization and reform that was charted today." He hailed the court members for their "high sense of responsibility, outstanding performance and dedication to your country and people in all the positions you have held." The letter went on: "The course of reform we upheld in word and deed, and on which we have built since we assumed the trust, which was bolstered by constitutional amendments, warrants entrust the task of monitoring the constitutionality of laws and valid regulations to a specialized court that rises to its responsibility which will grow bigger in view of the requirements of the next political phase and the reform march we cherish as a true Jordanian course to build a better future for our dear homeland, God willing." Expressing his confidence in the court members, the King wrote: "The inclusion of a host of distinguished Jordanian minds, known for their expertise and efficiency, in its board, we are sure that this court will be a key guarantor and reference to bolster the principles of respect of the constitution and separation of authorities, protector of citizens' rights and basic freedoms and booster of confidence between the people and state." King Abdullah said the launch of the court is a milestone in the reform and democratization process.

"The commencement of this court under your leadership and your colleagues, the guardians of justice, is a watershed in the reform and democratic renewal process that we cherish and whose next phase is the election of a new house of representatives by the start of the new year from which a parliamentary government will emanate and will be expressive of the popular will through fair elections administered and supervised by the Independent Election Commission, which is considered as another constitutional reform achievement we are proud of." "As we get closer and closer to this merit, we pin hopes on the constitutional court as one of the key monitoring bodies in the next phase and as a guarantor of separation and balance of powers and a watchdog of respect of the supremacy of law and legitimacy through aligning valid laws and regulations with the constitution in letter and spirit, a fact that will make a qualitative difference that will elevate the performance of all authorities," the letter added.

His Majesty emphasised that the court, as the only reference to interpret the constitution's text, should be a guide to all state authorities and should also have the respect of them all.

"I see it necessary to emphasize a set of legal, judicial and moral principles, which will always remain a beacon for this court; the constitutional court is a symbol that embodies neutrality, independence and transparency and its decision are issued without the influence of any party assisted in its work by a set of guarantees for it and its noble judges," he wrote.

The letter concluded that the court would provide, through multiple channels, a new constitutional tool to boost rights and liberties "relying on its performance on national heritage, an enlightened legal and constitutional jurisprudence, the values of justice and a human heritage wide-open to other nation's expertise that fits into the spirit of age and progress." //Petra//SS
6/10/2012 - 07:23:24 PM
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