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Arab media conference kicks off in Beirut

Beirut, Jan. 11 (Petra)- A conference dubbed " Situation of Arab Media Today" kicked off its deliberations in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, with participation of Jordan News Agency Director General, Faisal Shboul, and brings together regional and global media leaders.

In a speech he delivered at the gathering, Shboul said it has become adamant to sequester media outlets from social media platforms legislatively, and media workers are requested to forge a legislation to safeguard this sector to shun grave infringements on journalism.

He stressed the dire need to adhere to media-specific regulations, specifications, and liabilities, a step aimed to ensure media contents are provided to the public appropriately and to maintain a proper level of accountability.

He highlighted gripes affecting this key sector, primarily the financial hardships of its cadre, lack of staff's credentials, and vulnerability to litigation on ungrounded pretexts in cases of libel, slander, and incitement of extremism.

In this context, relevant legislature is crucial to set the needed accountability demarcation, Shboul added, and urged higher educational institutions in the Arab world to underscore media is everyone's right for information safeguarded by laws across the world, whereas social platforms are an inter-individual environment.

" Journalism woes emanate from unevenly aggressive competitiveness, concomitant with the tight advertising industry led by U.S.-owned giants amassing billions and leave local media outlets vying for almost nothing in the ads market," he told the participants.

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11/1/2018 - 02:42:27 PM
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