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Jordanian Community


Spread over 19 hills, Amman has served as the modern and ancient capital of Jordan. There are many Biblical references to the city, which had become the Ammonite capital of Rabbath-Ammon and which is now referred to as the white city, due to its canvas of stone houses.

Amman has many fine3-5 star hotels, restaurants, art galleries and museums. shopping amenities vary from old markets and souqs full of gold and spices to modern boutiques offering local handicrafts and imported fashions.

Time Zone

From end of October through end of March, Jordan is two hours ahead of GMT. The rest of the year, Jordan is three hours ahead of GMT.


Jordan is blessed with a moderate Mediterranean climate.

Electrical Current

Jordan’s electricity supply is 220 volts/50 cycles AC. Most hotels can accommodate 110 volts. Sockets are generally of the two-pronged European variety. Most varieties of adaptors and transformers are available in electrical shops throughout Jordan.

Weights and Measures

Jordan operates on the metric system. Length is counted in meters, distances in kilometers, weight in kilograms and volume in liters.

Business Hours

Government offices and banks work five days a week with Friday and Saturday off. Business hours are from 8:00 to 15:00. Shopping hours are flexible and generally shops are open until 21:00. Most shops are closed on Fridays except for shopping centers some of which operate 24 hours .

Currency and Credit Cards

The Jordanian currency is the Dinar, or JD. It is subdivided into 1000 fils, or 100 piasters. Exchange rate is approximately USD 1 = JD 0.71. Credit cards are accepted at most large hotels, restaurants, and most stores. The most widely accepted cards are American Express, Visa, Diners Club and MasterCard.



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